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Artistic Director, Michael Bradshaw Flynn, brings a fresh ‘Reality TV’ twist to a Shakespeare comedy, The REAL Merry Wives of Windsor. 

How will mighty Margaux and affluent Alice have their revenge on the drunkern Falstaff? Many handsome bachelors desire young Anne Page, but who will win her heart?  And it looks like golf isn't the only thing being played, as George's supicions of his wife's infidelity reach new heights!



England is on the brink of civil war. The crown beckons young, unruly Prince Henry to withdraw from drunkard revelry with wayward friends and turn towards an honourable reign. But will he answer the call before its too late?

Emma Rosa Went (Director of As You Like It, Richard  III) returns to Scranton Shakes to direct (her own abridgement!) of Shakespeare’s epic family drama.


The dinner party of powerful Herod and wife Herodias is going well. Guest's enjoy the gossip. Soldiers enjoy the quiet moonlight on the balcony. But when rebellious Princess Salome catches the eye of prisoner Jokanaan, the moon turns and blood soon starts flowing as freely as the wine.

After the sell-out run of last season’s immersive production of Cabaret at Madame Jenny’s, director Simone Daniel returns this summer to direct Oscar Wilde’s controversial Bible story adaptation.


Its the goofy, family favorite musical! General Stanley’s harmonising daughters pursue the freshly-washed-ashore (and coincidently very handsome) Frederick, all the while fighting off a band of mischievous, swash-buckling pirates.

The pesky pirates are back by popular demand! Scranton power-duo Colin Holmes and Stephen Murphy (who both worked in our '14 production) return to Direct and Music Direct this heartwarming, wacky musical. 


We have  created a brand new, behind-the-scenes experience for you. 

Get know the festival better than ever with interviews with creative team, explorations of the plays, as well as a deep dive into Scranton’s long relationship to theatre and vaudeville.


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