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The Season Nine Podcast takes a rare look into the story of the Scranton Shakespeare Festival, from our founding moments in 2010 to the dreams and challenges of this, our tenth year, and how we adapted a theatrical season to keep folks entertained during the global pandemic. 


Hear from actors, alumni and local experts as we explore the deep relationship between the performing arts and Scranton. The origin of the coined phrase, "If it plays in Scranton, it'll play anywhere"

"Small communities stretch across this  country and  yet too often when people think about the arts their minds immediately wander to big cities.

...There's no doubt that the arts enrich big cities but this podcast explores what the art movements can mean to small communities."

Joseph Daniel


Producer and Host

Project Manager

Associate Producer


Assistant Editor

Original Score 

Special Thanks

Joseph Daniel

Elizabeth Gumula

Kathleen Bolus

Grant Chamberlin

Jim Lawrenson

Stephen Murphy

Simone Daniel

Rebecca Scalese

Michael Bradshaw Flynn


Charly Clive

Simone Daniel

Michael Bradshaw Flynn

Erika Funke​

Daniel Holme

Colin Holmes

Lawryn Lacroix

Ty Lane

Conor McGuigan

Sam Morales

Stephen Murphy

Luke Antony Neville

Conor O'Brien

Gerome Samonte

Tamara Sevunts

Jonathan Stephens

Gabriel Vega Weissman

Emma Rosa Went

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