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The dinner party of powerful Herod and wife Herodias is going well. Guest's enjoy the gossip. Soldiers enjoy the quiet moonlight on the balcony. But when rebellious Princess Salome catches the eye of prisoner Jokanaan, the moon turns and blood soon starts flowing as freely as the wine.

After the sell-out run of last season’s immersive production of Cabaret at Madame Jenny’s, director Simone Daniel returns this summer to direct Oscar Wilde’s controversial Bible story adaptation.




Adapted & Directed by

Project Manager

Original Music

Sound Design

Production Assistants

Oscar Wilde

Simone Daniel

Taylor Wells

Stephen Murphy

Grant Chamberlin

Jim Lawrenson

Meg Graff

Tiffany Lee






Page of Herodias/First Jew

Young Syrian/A Saducee

Second Soldier/Third Jew


A Fourth Jew/First Nazerine

The Nubian/Second Nazerine

First soldier/Fifth Jew

The Capadocian/Second Jew

Conor McGuigan

Kimi Leff

Tamara Sevunts

Joe McGurl

Olivia Rose Barresi

Logan T. Sutton

Will Ormsby Cary

Collin Holmes

Daniel Holme

Jane Logan

Ty Lane

Anthony Mercado

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Presented here is artwork by local artist, Nancy Yamin in response to our production of Salome.

Tag any artwork of your own in response to our season using #ScrantonShakes or email it to


The first time I read this play it came alive.  

The bizarre mix of humor, horror, sexuality and personalities made this a show I was excited to build with our team.   I was excited for our actors to embody these people, for our sound designers to build out this world, I was excited to see the original artworks being created for this piece, and I was excited for our audience to join us on this adventure.  But most of all, selfishly, I was excited to have a new experience.  In a time when new experiences are so daunting, this felt like a gift.  Even as you may find parallels to people in our own world, let this show serve as an hour spent in another time, with different people, in a far away place.  Let it be a new shared experience.  

Until next time, 

Simone Daniel

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