We're thrilled to be celebrating our 10th anniversary offering free, professional theatre to audiences in Northeastern Pennsylvania and we’re delighted to be bringing back live, in-person theatre.


We’re therefore seeking a company of versatile performers to take on this exciting, but demanding, outdoor 10th season. 


We aim to offer a positive, accessible audition process that serves every actor applying, let us know if you have questions at


Our 2021 casting process will take place entirely online. Applications close April 1 at 5pm EST. 

Follow the steps below to submit your application.




Read our casting notice carefully and choose which materials to prepare.



Prepare your self tape & upload to YouTube, Vimeo or similar platform. Please slate at the start of your video. 




  • Submit the link to your self tape.

  • Upload headshot and resume.

  • Answer a few questions.





CONVERSION RATE (A World Premiere)


Rehearsals and performances will take place in Scranton, PA.

Maximum 8 week contract between June 7th 2021 and August 2nd 2021


We’re committed to everyone’s safety and wellbeing. As we ease out of this pandemic, we are seeking to cast a tight repertory company to form a COVID-19 bubble and perform in all five mainstage shows in a rolling rep. There may also be some performers hired for less than five shows, or who are contracted as inter-disciplined artists with other responsibilities to keep our company numbers at a minimum. 


Stipend varies from $200-$1500 depending on duties. Also Included:

  • Round trip transportation to and from NYC or Philadelphia

  • Housing; private bedroom with WIFI

  • Brand new gym access

  • Swimming pool access 

  • Some meals*


Our auditions are open to everyone. Anyone who submits will be seen and considered by our creative team.

In regards to the breakdowns below, the character descriptions are taken from their respective scripts and should be considered as a starting point,  they are not carved in stone.  We seek to reflect an accurate representation of the world we live in; we fully intend to cast broadly in regards to race/ethnicity, gender and identity, body type, and ability.


While we appreciate characters may be listed and written in a binary format with he/she pronouns, we invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender, and non-binary actors to submit for any roles they most identify with. 


All candidates will be required to provide an accurate headshot, an up-to-date resume and will be asked to submit a self taped audition from pre-selected material. You will have the opportunity to highlight roles of interest to you in your application. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or to let us know how further we can support your application at




written by William Shakespeare

directed by Michael Bradshaw Flynn (Artistic Director)

Seeking a diverse group of actors who have a strong facility of language in regard to classical texts, physical presence, imagination, and the discipline of performing the greatest play ever written outdoors, opposite mother nature. Set in a generation, or two, away from our own, we find ourselves in the state of Denmark where paranoia, intrigue, murder, love, lust, and even the dead are among us.

HAMLET: Any gender. 18-27. Hamlet grapples with the heavy grief from a suddenly deceased father, the rage for a mother and uncle quickly wed, and a sense of alienation from contemporaries and a lover. One of the most poetic characters ever written, this role demands an indefatigable emotional and intellectual capacity. Seeking an actor with a strong facility for classical text, a consistent emotional range, and a experienced affinity for communion with an audience.


GHOST of KING HAMLET + KING CLAUDIUS: Male identifying. Late 40’s-late 50’s. Seeking an actor with a strong capacity for classical text and a strong versatility in physical characterization. The Ghost of King Hamlet haunts Denmark with an otherworldly mystery. His anger is strong and not of this world. King Claudius is seemingly polished and likable. Claudius reads like a great ruler, but under the political patina lies great vulnerability, desperation, and menace.


QUEEN GERTRUDE: Female identifying. Late 40’s-late 50’s. Seeking an actor of strong physical poise and presence.  Gertrude has the capacity for maternal warmth but also that of cold disapproval. She has been party to a dangerous political game for many years and has carved a life of privilege, protection, and power through shrewd decision-making.


POLONIUS: Male identifying. Late ’40s-’60s. Seeking a character actor that is equal parts sagely wisdom and flappable uncle. His love for his children is strong and sincere, expressed both intimately and explosively. A man who may sometimes sound like an impertinent windbag, but occasionally the skill of persuasion.


LAERTES: Any gender. 20’s. Seeking an actor with a loyal, wholesome, sincere, studious demeanor for Laertes, the child of Polonius and sibling to Ophelia. Laertes’ love for their sibling is both admirable and tragic. A character of formidable strength and stealth in the physical and intellectual sense. This actor should have some stage combat experience.


OPHELIA: Any gender. 18-23. Possessing an inquisitive disposition, they are also incredibly empathetic. Torn between loyalties to kin and matters of the heart, Ophelia is in a delicate and precarious situation. The audience follows this character’s transformation from pure-hearted noble to madness and despair.


HORATIO: Any gender. 20’s. Horatio is our most accessible character in the piece. The audience experiences the most public and private moments of this story through Horatio’s eyes. Having a pure heart, Horatio is more accustomed to scholarly endeavors. Horatio is the one person Hamlet trusts. Horatio has remarkable eloquence and a sense of adventure. Horatio exhibits more caution than Hamlet but still possesses courage, truth, and wisdom.


ROSENCRANTZ: Any gender. 20’s. Rosencrantz is a schoolmate of Hamlet’s and no stranger to the nobility of Denmark. Rosencrantz is one half of a double act, brimming with comedic panache and joie de vivre. Though Rosencrantz seems to join us for the good banter and the expensive booze, they are also no stranger to some light espionage and gossip. 


GUILDENSTERN: Any gender. 20’s. Guildenstern is a schoolmate of Hamlet’s and no stranger to the nobility of Denmark. Guildenstern is the other half to a double act with Rosencrantz. Seeking an actor with a strong ability to oscillate from intoxicated revelry and antics to matters of espionage and double dealing. A character used to a life of luxury.


GRAVEDIGGER: Any gender. ’60s-’70s. Seeking an actor to play this Shakespearean fool, who works in the earth but is able to use their wit and intellect to spar with Hamlet. This character adds a macabre levity during the heaviest of scenes.


PLAYERS: A humble traveling group of performers of all different ages, genders. Seeking a small ensemble of actors with a heightened performance style. They are desperate for the job at hand but have devoted themselves to the art of telling stories.


BARNARDO, MARCELLUS, FRANCISCO: Sentries of Denmark, who stand guard at the beginning of the play. Seeking actors who work well together, seamlessly navigating from jests with their coworkers to the incredible phenomena of a supernatural encounter with the recently deceased King of Denmark. 

The Lovers

THESEUS: Male Identifying. 40-older A powerful, connected, authoritative Lawyer. Holds great sway and his word is seen as law for those who look to him. 


HIPPOLYTA: Female Identifying. 20-35 Mysterious and self assured. Engaged to Theseus and holds power in the relationship through her sense of self.


EGEUS: Male or Female Identifying. 40-older Overbearing parent of Hermia. Irrational and quick to anger. Opposed to the relationship of their daughter and Lysander due to knee-jerk prejudice.


HERMIA: Female Identifying. 18-30 Brave, romantic and stubborn. Will not be swayed from following her heart regardless of the cost.


HELENA: Female Identifying. 18-30 Insecure, lovesick and bold. She believes that when it comes to love, it’s better to live it all on the field.


LYSANDER: Female Identifying or Non-Binary. 18-30 Proud, unafraid, logical. Speaks their truth to power and resourcefulness in the pursuit of love.

DEMETRIUS: Male Identifying. 18-30 Ambitious to a fault. Willing to put away his love for the advancement of himself. But when his switch flips he is desperate with passion.


The Mechanicals

NICK BOTTOM: Male Identifying. 20-40 Full of his own virtue, believes himself to be the peak of talent and charm. Despite his bombastic demeanor, those around him can’t help but feel a genuine fondness to him. When turned into an ass by Puck he becomes the object of affection for the Fairy Queen Titania.


FRANCIS FLUTE /THISBE:  Any Gender. 20-40 Shy and reticent but a lovely performer when the time comes, able to win the audiences emotions.


SNUG THE JOINER/LION:  Any Gender. 20-40 Shy and conscientious not to scare the audience with his terrifying portrayal of a lion. Looking for a strong comedic actor and improvisor.


STARVELING THE TAILOR/MOONSHINE: Any Gender. 20-40 Fussy with attention to detail, very concerned with things being done the right way. Looking for a strong comedic actor and improvisor.


TOM SNOUT THE TINKER/WALL: Any Gender. 20-40 A nervous, inexperienced actor. Looking for strong comedic actor and improvisor.


PETER QUINCE: Any Gender. 20-40 Aspiring playwright, Long suffering leader of this troupe of performers. Appears to be shy and retiring in the face of the antics of their lead actor Nick Bottom but really just understands the power of patience. A caring, good person.


The Fairies

OBERON: Male Identifying. 18-40 Powerful, Petty and Vengeful, yet with a sense of humor. Lashes out with chaos and confusion to get his way.


PUCK: Male Identifying. 18-30 Mischievous, bright, easily distracted, athletic, and wild eyed. Puck is little concerned with consequence and thrilled to mix it up at every opportunity. Serves Oberon.


TITANIA: Female Identifying. 18-40. Strong, powerful, graceful. She is unbending when opposed but soft when in love.


COBWEB: Any Gender. 18-25

PEASBLOSSOM: Any Gender. 18-25

MUSTARDSEED: Any Gender. 18-25

MOTH: Any Gender. 18-25


The fairies are the servants of Titania and the spirits of the forest, and must be decent singers and movers. Must be strong improvisers.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

written by William Shakespeare

directed by Simone Daniel 

Set in 2021 in a world only slightly more occupied by magic. We will use the duality of our current landscape to illustrate the freedom that comes from abandoning the trappings of our modern capitalist society for the powerful enchantment of the natural world. We will celebrate the beauty we make when we have the freedom to make mistakes.


Looking for adventurous performers, Strong comedic storytellers with a wealth of imagination. Seeking performers with language/verse skills, as well as musical theater trained actors, and improvisors.


Book by Terrence McNally, Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens. Based on "Ragtime" by E. L. Doctorow

Directed & Choreographed by LaToya Martin

COALHOUSE WALKER JR.: Male Identifying. 25-35. A4 to G2. A proud, educated African American man and extremely talented pianist, who fights to live within his social boundaries.  He believes that he can take part in the new America and will be treated fairly, but then reflects the overwhelming rage experienced by vast numbers of African Americans at the hands of an often unjust society.


SARAH: Female Identifying. 20-25. F#5 to G#3. A washwoman, Sarah is a young African American woman, beautiful and filled with a strong will to live, fueled by an innocent spirit. Falls deeply in love with Coalhouse after much resistance.


MOTHER: Female Identifying. 30-40. F#5 to G3.  The consummate wife and mother. A kind, strong woman with incredible moral fiber, who defies social norms to do the things she feels are morally right. Refined, intelligent, graceful and open minded. 


FATHER: Male Identifying. 30-45. F4 to A2. Mother's professionally successful husband. Fancies himself an amateur explorer.  He is rich, conservative and staunch in his ways. Enjoys being the family breadwinner, a traditionalist.


YOUNGER BROTHER: Male Identifying. 20-25. F#4 to B2. Mother's younger brother. He is an erratic and passionate soul, a firework waiting to be lit.  A young man in search of something to believe in.


LITTLE BOY: Male Identifying. 8-12. D5 to E4. Mother and Father's son. He is open-hearted and curious with inexplicable clairvoyance. 


GRANDFATHER: Male Identifying. 60-70. Mother's patrician father. He is a retired professor, and easily irritated by nearly everything.


TATEH: Male Identifying. 35-45. F#4 Bb2. A Latvian immigrant. He wears the trials and tribulations of his past on his sleeve, but remains optimistic that he will be successful. A dreamer.  Full of genuine drive and heart. He lives for his little daughter.


LITTLE GIRL: Female Identifying. 7-10. Bb4 to C4. Tateh's daughter. A vulnerable child in a brand-new home, she has lost her mother and is guarded and shy. She clings to her father.


BOOKER T. WASHINGTON: Male Identifying. 45-55. Eb4 to D3. Brilliant African American social activist, the dominant figure in the African American community of the US at the turn of the century.  He is an eloquent and articulate gentleman with no patience for African Americans leading less than exemplary lives.


EMMA GOLDMAN: Female Identifying. 35-45. D5 to B3. Social activist. Originally from Russia, she is a leader, a fearless advocate for the oppressed.  A force to be reckoned with; Unapologetic.


EVELYN NESBIT: Female Identifying. 18-21. D5 to B3. Beautiful vaudeville performer. Thrust into the limelight after the high profile murder of her lover, the entire world is her stage.


HARRY HOUDINI: Male Identifying. 25-35. G4 to E3. The famous magician, originally from Hungary. With notable physical ability, he stands as a symbol of the 'American Dream.'


HENRY FORD: Male Identifying. An American industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company.  He believed that all men were created equal, but the cream rises to the top; will play some ensemble roles.


J.P MORGAN: Male Identifying. The rich, famous financier.  He believed himself to be pharaoh incarnate; will also play some ensemble roles

Willie Conklin, A racist volunteer fireman who destroys Coalhouse’s Model T Ford, Sarah’s Friend, A friend of Sarah’s who assists her and the New Rochelle family.  African American Female Soloist on “Till We Reach That Day”

Into The Woods

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and Book by James Lapine

Directed & Choreographed by Maura Malloy

Musical Direction by Stephen Murphy

A Tony award winning Musical Fairy Tale with a twist...or two. In Stephen Sondheim’s unconventional mash-up of iconic fairy tales, a baker and his wife set out to reverse a witch's curse in the hope of having a child. The couple’s journey leads them into the woods, where they encounter Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and his Beanstalk, a circumspect Cinderella, a remote Rapunzel, and two opportunistic Princes. Sondheim's score along with James Lapine's book awaken a world where you must learn to be careful what you wish for and that indeed, witches may be right. 

Seeking versatile singers/actors who are excellent movers. The show is fast paced and precise.

NARRATOR: Any gender. A child or young adult with great energy and a very vivid imagination.


THE BAKER: Male identifying. Ab2-G4. Wants his wife to be happy and is willing to do anything to ensure her happiness but has difficulty allowing any outside help. He is determined, yet insecure. Has morals. Feels guilt.


THE BAKER’S WIFE: Female identifying. F3-G5. She is determined to help her husband reverse the curse on their house and become a mother-no matter what it takes. She is clever and practical. Secretly romantic.


THE WITCH: Female identifying. F3-G5. Practices magic. After losing her mother’s magic beans, she is cursed with “ugliness”. She believes that if she can reverse this curse she will be able to secure a lasting life with a child she has kidnapped and kept in a tower. She is aggressively forthright.


CINDERELLA: Female identifying. G3-G5. She is thoughtful and kind. Determined to improve her life. But is the price worth it?


MYSTERIOUS MAN: Male identifying. G2-Eb4. A man found wandering in the woods. Pops up now and then. He is really the Baker’s father.


FLORINDA: Female identifying. C4-Ab5. A vain and smug woman who is mean to her stepsister, Cinderella. (Dancer preferred)


LUCINDA: Female identifying. C4-Ab5. The second of Cinderella’s stepsisters. She behaves just like Florinda and their mother. (Dancer preferred)


JACK: Male identifying. B2-G4. He is naive yet energetic and adventurous too. A simple boy who is best friends with his cow, Milky White. 

May double as...

/STEWARD: Male identifying. The right-hand man to Cinderella’s prince. He is expected to do whatever he must to fix a problem. He is bureaucratic and full of self-importance.


JACK’S MOTHER: Female identifying. Bb3- Gb5. A single mother, beaten down by a life of poverty and left to raise a clueless son whose best friend is a cow. She loves her son but wishes he would grow up.

May double as...

/CiINDERELLA’S STEPMOTHER: Female identifying.A3-F#5. Uses her daughters to pursue a glamorous life in order to free herself of poverty. She takes pleasure in being cruel to her stepdaughter, Cinderella.


/GRANNY: Female identifying. A tough no nonsense woman. Little Red’s grandmother.


LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: Female identifying. Bb3-F5. A spoiled and naive young girl who suddenly learns the way of the world and adapts quickly.

May double as...

/RAPUNZEL: Female identifying. B3-A5. The “adopted” daughter of the witch who has trapped her in a remote tower that is accessible only by the climbing of her long hair. She yearns to experience the world. She is naïve because of her captivity. She is the Baker’s sister.


CINDERELLA’S PRINCE: Male identifying. B2-F4. Handsome and vain-life for him is deciding which maiden to seduce next. He meets and falls in love with Cinderella at the festival. He is more interested in the pursuit than the reality of love and becomes dissatisfied once he weds Cinderella. He is the older brother of Rapunzel’s prince.

May double as… 

/THE WOLF: Male identifying. Bb2-Gb4. An insatiable and hungry hunter who takes advantage of those weaker by misleading and captivating his prey. A cunning creature who attempts to eat Little Red Riding hood while dressed up as her grandmother.


RAPUNZEL’S PRINCE: Male identifying. C#3-E4. Just as vain and handsome as his Prince brother, he is always chasing the newest, most exciting endeavor. A man in agony over his desire to wed Rapunzel. He is more interested in the chase and is unsatisfied once they are married.

May double as...

/MILKEY WHITE: A tired cow who belongs to Jack and is sold off to the Baker and his wife in exchange for magic beans.

Conversion Rate

written by Sergei Burbank

A Contemporary drama. An aspiring journalist thinks he’s found the motherlode: a retired and possibly crooked cop whose tainted caseload might have put a number of innocent men behind bars. But is his target as frail as he seems? Is his own journalistic record as spotless as he claims? And are the police—the spear’s tip of society’s criminal justice system—solely responsible for the consequences of the job with which they’ve been tasked?


PHIL CARBONELLA: Male, white, mid-50s. A retired police detective. Still formidable, but hides it behind a folksy, personable facade. 


FRANK PHILLIPS: Male, Black, mid-20s to mid-30s. Journalist riding a rising star. Talented but insecure. 


SANDRA MASTERS: Female, Hispanic, mid-50s. Frank's editor and mentor. A cynical exterior conceals the idealistic younger journalist she used to be. 


LESLIE BUSBY: Female, white, mid-20s to mid-30s. Lawyer, civil rights activist. Brash and unapologetic. Frank's contemporary / classmate from college. 


HOWARD/JOHN/LAWYER: Male, voice-only role. Newspaper senior editor / journalist guild representative / lawyer conducting deposition.



Please choose ONE side from each category for your self tape audition:

1. Choose one Shakespeare Side...


2. Choose one Musical Scene Side...


3. Song

Not a singer? Give it a go anyway! 

Please prepare 32 bars (or under a minute) from Into The Woods, Ragtime or a song of your choice.



Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or to let us know how further we can support your application at