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Artistic Director, Michael Bradshaw Flynn, brings a fresh ‘Reality TV’ twist to a Shakespeare comedy, The REAL Merry Wives of Windsor. 

How will mighty Margaux and affluent Alice have their revenge on the drunkern Falstaff? Many handsome bachelors desire young Anne Page, but who will win her heart?  And it looks like golf isn't the only thing being played, as George's supicions of his wife's infidelity reach new heights!

This show contains language of sexual humour.




Adapted & Directed by

Assistant Director

Project Manager

Original Music

Sound Design and Audio Editors


Production Assistant

William Shakespeare

Michael Bradshaw Flynn

Joseph Daniel

Jen Weiner

Stephen Murphy

Grant Chamberlin

Jim Lawrenson

Meg Graff

Tiffany Lee


"Your Host" John Gwest

Margaux Page

Alice Ford

Honorary Roberta Shallow



Barb Dahl

Missy Quickly

Anne Page


Frank Ford

George Page

Abe Slender

Dr. Caius

Will Page/Robert



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How can a play written 420 years ago feel fresh and accessible?

In filling this slot in the season, it was our goal to produce a Shakespearean comedy that would feel inviting for an audience, who, well, might not love Shakespeare.

In selecting Merry Wives, the Shakespearean play with the least amount of verse, we were able to isolate relatable themes and develop eccentric characters, whilst exploring the themes of infidelity, deception, frenemies, disguises, and materialism. It became clear that an encompassing and accessible setting would be a reality television show. This lens helped focus on the bizarre eccentricities, on the shameless behavior of lust and vengeance, and on the egos.


When modernizing a Shakespearean text, one will usually find some antiquated elements of misogyny from the patriarchal times wherein it was written. In this adaptation we’ve redistributed some of the text to give more agency to different characters.


The message that does stick is that trust is essential in a happy marriage.

Michael Bradshaw Flynn

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