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How COVID-19 changed our 2020 season.

What a hard few weeks it has been for the world.

We are sending our thoughts of support and healing to all those affected by the virus and are encouraging everyone to follow the instructions of their local governments during this tough time.

Our producing team was very excited about the coming season. We enjoyed an extremely successful season last year with record breaking turnout to our shows. However, as we watch the global pandemic unfold, we decided to make some difficult decisions in regards to our summer programming and what we can safely offer you, our audiences, this year. 

Over long conversations we looked at our plans again and again. It became clear that the only thing we could do to protect our community was to step away from holding live theatrical shows. The health and safety of all who attend our shows, those who work to create them and those who perform in them is paramount to us and we could not in good faith go ahead under the current circumstances.

That being said, creativity is never dead.

We have something new to offer you.

Though we are pressing pause on our regular theatrical programming (it will be back next year) we are excited to announce that we're trying something very new - radio plays and podcasts.

We, the producing team and our board, still have the passion and drive to offer free, accessible entertainment. We might need it now, perhaps more than ever. We're pouring that energy into creating a season of radio plays with accompanying podcasts to bring you into the world of the shows. We will interview cast and crews, explore Scranton's history with the arts, but also show a side to the festival you might not normally think about, the conversations that make it all happen. We will bring you off the stage and into our producing home. From the safety of your couch, garden, bedside or commute, you will be able to download and listen anywhere you like.

"What are the new shows?"

We are excited to bring you two Shakespeare adaptations this summer. This is just the beginning of what we're planning to offer you.

Director Emma Rosa Went returns for a third year, bringing her heart, style and skill to her own, fresh adaptation of Shakespeare’s epic play Henry IV. Emma is bringing the story, which traditionally spans two full-length plays, into one dynamic and accelerated ride through family drama that bounces between violent conflict and baldy revelry.

Artistic Director, Michael Bradshaw Flynn, will add a very “Real Housewives” twist to a classic Shakespeare comedy. The REAL Merry Wives of Windsor promises to excite both history-buffs and also those who find themselves at Andy Cohen's reunions.

"How can I listen?"

The radio plays and podcasts will be available to listen and download over the summer, right here, on our website.

This change is temporary.

While we're excited to offer something new this season, we will miss seeing everyone. Next year, 2021, is our 10th birthday! And we are already planning some delights to bring you for the special season.

In the meantime...lend us your ears.


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