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  • I'm a writer from outside the US, do I need to travel to Scranton in 2021 if I win?"
    No. If your play is picked as the 2021 Scratch Night winner, we will produce your play without needing your presence in the US. If you'd like to come visit us at the festival to see your show in action, however, you're more than welcome to!
  • I'm represented as a writer, can I apply?"
    Yes. As long as you are able to give us the sole permission to use your script for Scratch Night and the performances at Scranton Shakes, should it be picked, there is no problem for you to apply.
  • My script is not about theme of "Ghosts", can I still apply?"
    We'd prefer that our scripts have at least an underlying theme of ghosts, though it's important to point out is doesn't have to be the classic person under a white sheet!!
  • Why is there a fee to apply for Scranton Scratch Night?
    We charge a minimal fee of $5 to help pay for our wonderful script readers and ensure that we have the time and resources to give you feedback on your submission.
  • Will I be able to perform in Scranton Shakes’ other shows?
    There may be potential opportunities for students to be considered for roles in Scranton Shakes’ mainstage productions. Please indicate your interest in your application. This additional opportunity is not included in the Youth Ensemble programming and is completely optional/separate. Students will be cast at the discretion of the director for that show just like any other professional production.
  • What if I can’t afford the tuition fee?
    Accessible theatre is one of the founding purposes of Scranton Shakespeare Festival. If you are in need of a scholarship to cover the cost of this program, please note in your application that you are interested in being considered. Only a limited amount of scholarships are available.
  • Will this program be COVID safe for me/my child to attend?
    We will be following CDC and local government guidelines to make sure our working practices are as safe as possible for everyone involved. We will update participants closer to the start date what precautions will be in place.
  • What is the time commitment of this program?
    This program will run Monday-Friday from mid-morning to late afternoon from July 5th-August 5th, 2022. Additional evening rehearsals may occur for technical rehearsals. Show performances are August 3rd, 4th and 5th.
  • Who is eligible to apply for the Scranton Shakes Youth Ensemble?
    Any high school student who will be at least 14 years of age on June 1st, 2023 is eligible to apply for the Scranton Shakes Youth Ensemble. The program also includes recently graduated high school seniors of the Class of 2023.
  • Do I need experience in theatre to participate?
    We are looking for individuals who are passionate about learning more about theatre, the performing arts, and storytelling. While past experience is helpful, it is not at all necessary to be admitted into the program.
  • Is Panto suitable for the whole family?
    Yes! There are jokes aplenty for every member of the family.
  • I want to nominate one of my students to apply. Can I do that?
    We encourage all teachers and administrators to fill out our student nomination form linked above, which will prompt students to receive a message that they have been nominated by a faculty/staff member from their school.
  • Can I request an informational session for my students and I to learn more?
    Yes! Please fill out our informational session request form linked above and we will be happy to set up either a Zoom or in person meeting to talk more about our program with your students.
  • How can my school district sponsor my student(s) tuition?
    Of course! Thank you for your donation. Please coordinate with Lizzie Gumula at
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