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Student Personal Information
Pronouns (Check all that apply)

We're unable to accept into this program any child who is younger than 14 on June 1st, 2024.

Parent/Guardian Personal Information

We are very excited to be piloting this brand-new program to expand our arts education opportunities for local students. Please note that this is a pilot program, meaning that we are still in the process of making this opportunity the best it can be. That being said, please give your feedback of what your goals are in participating in this program and what Scranton Shakes can provide to make it the best experience possible:

Technical Experience

*Previous technical experience is not required to participate in this program.

What areas of technical theater have you had experience in?
What areas of technical theater are you looking to explore?
What are your top three areas of technical theater that you would be interested in working with at Scranton Shakes?

Thank you for applying to join the Scranton Shakes Youth Ensemble, we look forward to reading your application. We hope this was a smooth process for you. If you have any feedback about how it could have been easier, please let us know! (up to 150 words)

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